Information on Zika virus

There has been a lot of information in the news recently regarding the Zika virus.   The following is a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services press release regarding Zika traveler precautions:

Zika virus information

2016-17 Athletic Physicals

Information about the upcoming sports physicals can be found at the following:
School-Based Physicals

Forms are due by April 15th, with the fee of $10.  The can be picked up at either the Senior High or Junior High offices.  Part 1 will be completed during school hours on April 19.

Part 2 of the physicals will be held after school on May 4th.  Please put this on your calendar!

If you choose to have your child's physical done at their doctor's office, please print off the following form and bring it with you:  Office-Based Physical

Head Lice.....Yes it can happen to you! (But there is NO need to panic!)

Please read the following important information:

General Information About Head Lice September 2015 Dear Parent(s) or Guardian: HEAD LICE.  Just saying the words can make a person scratch their head.  And yes, we do have head lice in our area.  In fact, it has been reported that multiple cases have been known throughout the summer. Head lice are a common nuisance.  About 10 million children get head lice each year, and having head lice is NOT a sign of being unclean.  In fact, head lice seem to prefer clean, healthy, well-nourished children.  It is therefore important for all of us to understand how head lice are spread, and some things we can do that can help avoid this problem in the future. I. Teach your child not to share combs, brushes, hair attachments, and hats. Head lice cannot jump, hop or fly, but they do crawl quickly.  They are spread easily by close head to head contact (such as at sleepovers), or by sharing these types of personal belongings.  Most of the time, head lice are N…

Addressing Student Health Conditions

In an effort to best address the health care needs of the students in this school district, I am asking for parental assistance.  When updating the Powerschool information sheets in the fall, please note your child’s health condition(s) as you would want it to be seen by the school staff working with your child.
If your child has a serious medical/health issue that may need special attention during the school day, it is EXTREMELY important that you contact me by phone (906-786-6521 ext. 1212) or by email prior to the school year and as their condition changes.We want to do our best to keep our students as healthy and safe as possible, so I can partner with you in writing up health plans as well as by training school staff for a variety of medical conditions.These would include, but are not limited to, the following conditions:diabetes, seizure disorders, life-threatening allergies, hemophilia, severe asthma, cardiac conditions that may require activity limitations, serious respirator…

Medication Pick Up

Please pick up your child's medications from the school office at the end of the school year.  This includes any prescription and over-the-counter medications.  If they are not picked up by a week after school ends, the medications will be disposed of according to school policy.


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